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Your Studio Apartment with a Unique Buffer Room

Experience the ultimate in versatility with our studio apartments at Gitanjali Serviced Apartment, complemented by an exclusive buffer room. This additional space, seamlessly connected to your studio, enhances your stay by offering a range of possibilities.

Key Features:

  1. Flexible Workspace: The buffer room serves as a flexible workspace, providing an area where you can focus on tasks, catch up on work, or even set up a private meeting space.

  2. Expanded Living Area: Enjoy the luxury of extra room to spread out. Whether it's for entertaining guests, practicing yoga, or simply having a quiet retreat, the buffer room adds versatility to your living space.

  3. Storage Solutions: Benefit from additional storage options in the buffer room, keeping your studio clutter-free and organized. It's a practical extension that enhances the functionality of your living space.

  4. Personal Fitness Zone: Transform the buffer room into your private fitness haven. Set up exercise equipment or roll out a yoga mat for a convenient and private workout experience.

Tailored Experiences:

  • Personalized Decor: Customize the buffer room to suit your preferences, creating a space that reflects your style and enhances the overall aesthetic of your living area.

  • Mood Lighting: With adjustable lighting options, you can set the ambiance in the buffer room to match your mood or the occasion, whether it's a productive work session or a relaxed evening.

Perfect for:

  • Business travelers needing a dedicated workspace.
  • Guests seeking an extended living area for relaxation or entertainment.
  • Those who appreciate additional storage or customized spaces.
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